Tissue Microenvironment Spatial Quantification Analysis Services

Tissue Microenvironment Spatial Quantification Analysis Services

Neuroscience is the most cutting-edge discipline in the current field of scientific research. In terms of neuronal structure identification, a common solution is to stain cell bodies and neuronal synapses by specific staining techniques to distinguish different cell structures by different staining methods. However, this approach usually requires a complex sample preparation process. To help researchers better understand the function of the nervous system and disease mechanisms in the field of neuroscience, CD BioSciences provides spatial quantitative analysis of tissue microenvironments. We utilize modern laboratory techniques to measure and analyze brain cognition from multiple perspectives and levels, providing researchers with accurate spatial quantitative data on the tissue microenvironment.


Tissue Microenvironment Spatial Quantification Analysis Services

CD BioSciences provides comprehensive tissue microenvironmental spatial quantitative analysis services in neuroscience research using advanced imaging technologies. Our services help researchers identify neuronal structures, assess the activation status of glial cells, and quantify synapses, providing clients with accurate spatial quantitative research data.

Neuron-specific quantitative analysis services

We provide our clients with the following neuron-specific quantitative analysis services using immunohistochemical analysis by morphological identification techniques, which include:

➢ Provides specific neuronal quantification solutions to help clients identify neuronal cell bodies and protrusions in many different sample types (HE, IHC, IF, etc.).
➢ Identify and quantify the size, length, and number of branches of neuron cell bodies and protrusions in immunohistochemistry samples based on differences in neuron outgrowth by function and region.
➢ Distinguish between unipolar and multilevel neurons based on neuron function and region, and provide quantitative analysis data.

Glial cell activation status assessment services

CD BioSciences provides clients with glial cell activation status assessment services using high-resolution digital microscope imaging technology and computerized image analysis algorithms. Our services include the following:

➢ Accurate assessment of glial cell activation status by multi-layer scanning and nucleus identification of tissue samples.
➢ Statistical analysis of glial cell size and morphology, as well as length and number of neuron protrusions, provides clients with accurate quantitative activation status assessment analysis reports.


Spatial quantitative analysis services for neurodegenerative diseases

High-magnification oil immersion panoramic imaging is a state-of-the-art imaging technique that allows for panoramic images by using a high-magnification oil immersion microscopy to view the sample. We utilize high-magnification oil immersion panoramic imaging to provide researchers with comprehensive and accurate spatial quantitative data on neurodegenerative diseases. Our service preserves the details of tiny structures in brain slices and allows for detailed observation and analysis of features such as α/β plaques in neurodegenerative disease studies, providing digitized quantitative analysis report.

Spatial quantitative analysis of synapses

CD BioSciences provides spatial quantitative analysis of synapses including, but not limited to:

➢ Conventional quantitative analysis of synaptic length and number relationships in neural synapses.
➢ Identification of quantitative relationships of connections between different nerve fibers initiated by different nerve cells.
➢ Spatial distribution analysis of nucleus, cytoplasm and synapses in the panoramic scale.
➢ Provide precise research data to help researchers in nerve cell development, neurological disease progression, and signaling pathway delivery research.

CD BioSciences has a professional team and advanced imaging equipment. The whole process of tissue microenvironment spatial quantification analysis services is operated by experienced technicians to ensure the accuracy of the experiment. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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Please note: Our services can only be used for research purposes. Do not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures!

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