Tissue Flow Cytometry Quantification Analysis Services

Tissue Flow Cytometry Quantification Analysis Services

CD BioSciences provides advanced tissue flow cytometry quantitative analysis solutions to help our clients perform high-precision quantitative analysis for various tissue sample types. We employ AI technology and deep learning algorithms to provide researchers with comprehensive tissue sample analysis services, helping researchers gain in-depth understanding of the structure of tissues, cell subtype distribution, protein-molecule interactions, and other important information. We also provide intuitive visualization of big data and multi-dimensional analysis, enabling our clients to understand and utilize the analysis results in a more comprehensive way.


Tissue Flow Cytometry Quantification Analysis Services

Quantitative analysis services for tissue cellular characterization

CD BioSciences utilizes quantitative tissue flow cytometry technology to help clients obtain information on cell number, positional relationships, and specific staining in tissues. Our services provide important data support for scientific research and drug development, and contribute to the development of treatments and drug target research for diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, sarcopenia, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Our services mainly include:

Tissue cell quantity and characterization service

➢ Accurately measure the number of specific cells in a tissue for our clients by identifying tumor contours and target cells, and obtain area size and morphological characteristics of the tissue in situ.
➢ Using tissue flow quantitative analysis software according to clients' specific experimental needs, we can search for target cells within different distance ranges inside and outside the tumor on a micron scale and define various morphological and staining features, including nuclear/plasmalemmal/membrane morphology and co-expression of multiple markers.

Cell-tissue spatial relationship analysis service

We utilize analysis software to provide researchers with the following information through cell identification and specific structure recognition functions:

➢ Target quantitative relationships, area sizes and morphological parameters in tissue in situ.
➢ Micron-scale spatial location relationships between cell-cell, cell-tissue and tissue-tissue.
➢ Intensity, distribution and statistical relationships of target-specific staining.


Specific tissue structural imaging and identification services

CD BioSciences can provide customized specific tissue structure imaging and identification solutions for brightfield/fluorescence samples based on the client's project requirements. Our services mainly include:

Cell nucleus identification and quantitative analysis service

Accurate identification of cell nuclei through hematoxylin/DAPI staining, enabling quantitative analysis of nucleus/cytoplasm/membrane signal intensity distribution and morphological features.

Specific tissue structure identification and quantitative analysis service

Using specific staining and tissue characteristics, we are able to identify and quantitatively analyze structures such as epithelial cells, stromal zones and lumens, which helps our clients to identify and analyze different tissue types, such as tumors, glands, and collagenous hyperplasia.

Cell-tissue identification of hematoxylin and eosin (HE) stained samples service

For samples stained with Hematoxylin and Eosin, we are able to quickly stain and perform in-depth analysis for cell-tissue structure identification.

Complex tissue marker identification services

We can help our clients accurately identify various markers in complex tissues, including

➢ Molecular probe labeling (FISH, RNA Scope, etc.)
➢ Cellular sub-structural markers (organelles, cytoskeleton, etc.)
➢ Single-cell structural markers (nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane)
➢ Markers for specific tissue types (e.g., glands, tumors, blood vessels, bronchial tubes, muscle, bone).

Our Advantages

➢ Use image processing techniques and algorithms to automatically identify and analyze tissue structures, saving time and improving accuracy and consistency.
➢ Ability to identify and classify individual cells in tissue samples and handle complex cell morphology and diversity.
➢ Use artificial intelligence technology to deeply mine and analyze tissue characterization data.
➢ Enable customers to analyze the spatial location distribution of different cell subtypes in tissue samples.
➢ Provide visualization tools and methods to perform multi-dimensional analysis of big data and present complex data into easy-to-understand charts and visualization results.

CD BioSciences has a professional team and advanced imaging equipment. The whole process of tissue flow cytometry quantification analysis services is operated by experienced technicians to ensure the accuracy of the experiment. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

*If your organization requires the signing of a confidentiality agreement, please contact us by email.

Please note: Our services can only be used for research purposes. Do not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures!

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