In Vivo Drug Efficacy Imaging Monitoring

In Vivo Drug Efficacy Imaging Monitoring

The in vivo measurement of drug efficacy is a bottleneck of traditional drug efficacy testing. The application of molecular imaging can contribute to the analysis of pharmacokinetics and dynamics in the development of new drugs and promote the early development of drugs. Molecular imaging technology makes it possible to image living animals in vivo. Researchers can evaluate the efficacy of drugs by observing biological processes such as tumor growth and metastasis, the development of infectious diseases, and the expression of specific genes in living animals.

Real-time imaging of drug efficacy and drug resistance in vivoFigure 1. Real-time imaging of drug efficacy and drug resistance in vivo (Ashish, et al. 2016).

In Vivo Drug Efficacy Imaging Monitoring

In vivo imaging of small animals mainly uses two technologies: bioluminescence and fluorescence. Bioluminescence is the labeling of cells or DNA with the luciferase gene, while fluorescence techniques use fluorescent reporter groups for labeling. A suite of very sensitive optical detection instruments is then used, allowing researchers to directly monitor cellular activity and gene behavior in living organisms. This technique is widely used in the monitoring of drug efficacy in vivo.

CD BioSciences has been committed to the development of imaging technology for many years. We have a professional team composed of researchers with many years of working experience in the field of imaging analysis. CD BioSciences can use intravital microscopy to image living cells, the surrounding microenvironment and proteins in living organs, and analyze the in vivo efficacy of novel drugs in living organisms at the cellular level.

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Changes in tumor cell growth/death/metastasis after antitumor drug treatment
Changes in fibrotic collagen deposition and immune cell recruitment after antifibrotic drug treatment
Efficacy monitoring and MOA validation of anti-inflammatory therapeutics
Bioluminescent in vivo imaging tumor animal models

Our Advantages

  • Direct observation of living cell movement on in vivo tissues
  • Track direct effects of drugs on cells in the body
  • Experienced scientists provide experimental consultation
  • Reasonable price and short turnaround time

CD BioSciences has a professional team and advanced imaging equipment. The entire process of in vivo drug efficacy imaging monitoring is operated by experienced technicians to ensure the accuracy of the experiment. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Ashish, Kulkarni, Poornima, et al. Reporter nanoparticle that monitors its anticancer efficacy in real time[J]. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2016.

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