Microorganisms Imaging Services

Microorganisms Imaging Services

Microorganisms are a large group of organisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and some small protists. They are inseparable from human life and are widely involved in many fields such as food, medicine, industry and agriculture, and environmental protection. Microorganisms contain many beneficial and harmful species. Among them, pathogenic microorganisms are the main culprits of many human diseases, which have a great impact on human health and social economy. Microorganisms are small and difficult to observe with the naked eye. They usually need the help of a microscope. Therefore, microbial imaging analysis is very important to study the structure and function of microorganisms.

Microorganisms imaging analysis.Figure 1. Microorganisms imaging analysis.

Microorganisms Imaging Analysis

Microscopy is an effective tool to study microorganisms, which can be used to study gene expression of microorganisms, pathogen-host interactions, structure and function of microorganisms, microbial dynamics, etc. CD BioSciences has been committed to the development of imaging technology for many years. We have a professional team composed of researchers with many years of working experience in the field of imaging analysis. We can provide you with one-stop microorganisms imaging analysis services using fluorescence microscopes, electron microscopes, high-resolution microscopes and other tools, including monitoring budding yeast in real time, quantitative image analysis of bacilli viability in soil samples, bacteria transcript imaging analysis, bacterial cell pole proteins imaging analysis, viral particle structure imaging analysis, viral replication imaging analysis, virus-host cell interactions imaging analysis, etc.

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Our Advantages

  • Visualize living microorganisms without damaging microorganisms or biomolecules
  • Substructure analysis with ultra-high resolution
  • Real-time quantitative analysis of the growth status of microorganisms
  • Experienced scientists provide experimental consultation
  • Reasonable price and short turnaround time

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us. We will design a personalized imaging analysis plan for you according to your needs and provide you with accurate and repeatable experimental data.

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Please note: Our services can only be used for research purposes. Do not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures!

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