DNA Repair Imaging Services

DNA Repair Imaging Services

In the whole life cycle of a cell, its genome is affected by factors such as its own metabolites, mutagens, and radiation, which can cause damage to single-strand and double-strand breaks. DNA repair can protect the genome from various damages and maintain the integrity of genes. In this process, instant and reliable signal transduction and repair of break sites are essential to prevent mutations that cause cancer. Therefore, imaging analysis of the DNA repair process is necessary.

Schematic overview of the multiple steps of the DNA repair processFigure 1. Schematic overview of the multiple steps of the DNA repair process (Zentout, et al. 2021).

DNA Repair Imaging Analysis

Traditionally, immunocytochemistry has been used to study the main pathways of DNA repair. However, the coordination mechanism of different repair components and repair pathways with other cellular processes is still unclear. Therefore, a complete description of DNA repair at the single-cell or single-molecule level is required. Fluorescence imaging technology is an effective tool for the study of DNA damage response pathways, which can provide biological evidence of DNA repair deletion in cells.

CD BioSciences has been committed to the research and development of fluorescent probes and imaging technology for many years. We can quantitatively describe DNA repair in single cells through fluorescence imaging. In addition, we can directly observe the repair process of a single DNA molecule.

DNA Repair Imaging Analysis Workflow

The following are the specific steps of DNA repair imaging analysis:

Step 1

Fill in the online form to submit your requirements for DNA repair imaging analysis.

Step 2

Send us the DNA that need to be imaged and analyzed.

Step 3

We quantitatively describe DNA repair in single cells through fluorescence imaging.

Step 4

After the experiment is completed, we will send the sample and experimental data to you.


Protein mobility in the body
DNA damage site repair protein turnover rate
DNA repair related images
Provide other data according to your needs

Our Advantages

  • Directly observe the structure of the DNA repair complex
  • Minimize the loss of fluorescence signal
  • High resolution, low cytotoxicity
  • Experienced scientists provide experimental consultation
  • Reasonable price and short turnaround time

CD BioSciences has a professional team and advanced imaging equipment. The entire process of DNA repair imaging analysis is operated by experienced technicians to ensure the accuracy of the experiment. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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Please note: Our services can only be used for research purposes. Do not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures!

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