Tissue Immunolabeling and Imaging Services

Tissue Immunolabeling and Imaging Services

Immunohistochemistry uses antibodies to detect the localization of proteins and other antigens in tissue sections, which can provide valuable information about the localization of proteins in intact tissues. As a tool for diagnosing cancer and other diseases, this method is of great significance to pathologists and biologists.

Multiplexed Lymphocyte Assay in Ovarian AdenocarcinomaFigure 1. Multiplexed Lymphocyte Assay in Ovarian Adenocarcinoma (Stack E C, et al. 2016).

Tissue Immunolabeling and Imaging Analysis

CD BioSciences has developed a method for tissue immunolabeling, which is optimized for the uniformity and consistency of the tissue and can maintain the integrity of the tissue. We use a variety of high-quality antibodies to provide single and multiple immunolabeling services for almost all types of tissues, such as whole tissue, biopsy tissue, and thick tissue sections (1-2 mm thick).  

Tissue Immunolabeling and Imaging Analysis Workflow

We use multiple immunolabeling technology to simultaneously label multiple targets in the tissue. For thin tissue sections (< 100 microns), we use a confocal microscope to obtain the highest quality images. For thicker tissue sections and complete tissues, we perform imaging and analysis after tissue removal. The following is the workflow of tissue immunolabeling and imaging analysis.

Step 1:Immunolabeling

We have developed an optimized antibody labeling method, and we can achieve uniform labeling on thin tissue sections/thick tissue sections.

Step 2:Tissue removal

For thick tissue sections, we use CLARITY tissue removal technology to make the tissue transparent.

Step 3:Imaging

According to customer requirements, we use professional imaging instruments for tissue imaging.

Step 4:Image analysis

We use professional image processing and analysis software to quantitatively evaluate the image set to obtain the data required by the customer.


Cell counting
Spatial distribution of analysis targets
Co-localization of quantified biomarkers
Other information

Our Advantages

  • Single and multiple immunolabeling technology
  • Immunolabeling and imaging analysis can be performed on almost all types of tissues
  • More accurate analysis of tissue samples
  • Experienced scientists provide experimental consultation
  • Reduced workload and cost

CD BioSciences has a professional team and advanced imaging equipment, we can quickly image single and multiple immunolabeled tissues. Our professionals can choose a personalized immunolabeling and imaging analysis scheme for you according to your needs to minimize time and cost. If you have any needs of tissue immunolabeling and imaging analysis, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with high-quality services and accurate analysis results.

  1. Stack E C, Foukas P G, Lee P P. Multiplexed tissue biomarker imaging[J]. Journal for immunotherapy of cancer, 2016, 4(1): 1-3.

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