Our Technology

We can analyze the captured cell, subcellular or tissue images through a variety of imaging technologies and powerful analysis software to obtain a lot of information.

  • Hyperspectral Imaging Technology

    Hyperspectral Imaging Technology

    Hyperspectral imaging is an emerging technology that combines traditional imaging and spectroscopy to obtain and analyze a large amount of spectral and spatial information from real scenes in the form of three-dimensional images. It has been widely used in the safety inspection and quality control of various food production.

  • Nanoparticles Imaging

    Nanoparticles Imaging

    Nanoparticle generally refers to a particle with a size ranging from 1 to 100 nm, which is a powerful tool for molecular imaging due to their intrinsic unique magnetic or optical properties, and they can be applied to various imaging modalities.

  • Single Molecule Fluorescence Imaging

    Single Molecule Fluorescence Imaging

    Single-molecule fluorescence imaging technology is to label molecules of interest with fluorescent dyes, and then image and analyze them with fluorescence microscope. It can be used to study the structure of single molecules and their functions in physiological activities.

  • Immunofluorescence technology

    Immunofluorescence technology

    Immunofluorescence technology is to label the fluorescent pigment that does not affect the activity of antigen and antibody on the antibody (or antigen), combine it with its corresponding antigen (or antibody), and show a specific fluorescence reaction under the fluorescence microscope.

  • Flow Cytometry Imaging

    Imaging Flow Cytometry

    Imaging flow cytometry combines single-cell imaging capabilities of microscopy with the high-throughput capabilities of conventional flow cytometry, and flow cytometry is remarkably revolutionizing single-cell analysis.

  • High Content Imaging

    High Content Imaging

    High content imaging uses automated microscopy, fluorescence detection, and multi-parameter algorithms to visualize and quantify therapeutic drug interactions in cell populations. It can detect changes in disease-related cells to help your early detection work.



Welcome to CD BioSciences Imaging Technology

CD BioSciences is a biotechnology company, which has been committed to the development of imaging technology for many years. We can use high-content imaging, nanoparticle imaging, imaging flow cytometry, time-lapse imaging and other techniques to image cell structure, cell migration, cell proliferation, pathogen infection mechanisms and interactions between protein molecules. In addition, we can also use powerful analysis software to analyze the captured images of cells, subcellular or tissue to obtain a large amount of information.


Our Services

We can provide you with comprehensive imaging analysis services, which can promote the sustainable development of biology and drug research.

  • Tissue Imaging and Analysis

    Tissue Imaging and Analysis

    Image and analysis of tissue is the basis for many pathological studies, requiring the collection of small tissue samples from patients. After staining the sample, the researchers will use a microscope to visualize the tissue.

  • Cell Imaging Analysis

    Cell Imaging Analysis

    Cell imaging analysis is a method of optically studying cells using a microscope. It can be used to visualize analysis cell proliferation, apoptosis, cell migration, wound healing, and autophagy.

  • Microorganisms Imaging Analysis

    Microorganisms Imaging Analysis

    Microorganisms imaging analysis is an effective tool to study microorganisms, which can be used to study gene expression of microorganisms, pathogen-host interactions, structure and function of microorganisms, microbial dynamics, etc.

  • Molecular Imaging Analysis

    Molecular Imaging Analysis

    Molecular imaging often uses imaging techniques to characterize and measure biological and pathological processes at the molecular levels, such as the study of complex molecular mechanisms of diseases, and the detection of gene expression.

  • Imaging Analysis for Drug Discovery & Development

    Imaging Analysis for Drug Discovery & Development

    Imaging analysis for drug research & development can provide researchers with important theoretical basis in the drug development process, saving the cost of drug development and accelerating the drug development process.

  • Other Imaging Analysis

    Other Imaging Analysis

    Based on our advanced imaging technology platform, we can customize other imaging analysis services for you according to your needs. If you have any needs, please contact us.


Our Products

  • Embedding Resins and Kits
  • Embedding Resins and Kits

    CD BioSciences offers a wide range of embedding kits for electron and light microscopy. Our embedding kits are perfect for embedding specimens for histological applications.

  • Cell Imaging Analysis
  • Substrate-Chromogens for Immunohistochemistry

    The substrate/chromogens used in chromogenic IHC forms a colored precipitate in the presence of a reporter enzyme. CD BioSciences offers a wide variety of stains/substrates.

  • Microorganisms Imaging Analysis
  • In Vivo Imaging Reagents

    Our comprehensive range of bioluminescent and fluorescent imaging reagents provides researchers with the necessary tools. Our optical imaging reagents, probes, labels and dyes have been used, optimized and validated in a wide range of imaging applications.

  • Microorganisms Imaging Analysis
  • IHC Ancillaries

    Our IHC ancillary products are available as components in a user-friendly format. These reagents include deparaffinators, retrievers, enzymes, washers and detergents, diluents and blockers, counterstainers, as well as slide treatment solutions.


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