Tissue Microarray Imaging Services

Tissue Microarray Imaging Services

Tissue microarray (TMA) is a microscopic tissue section in which dozens or hundreds of tissue specimens are neatly arranged on the same slide. At present, TMA has become an important tool for the rapid transformation of molecular genetics, genomics and proteomics research into clinical applications. It has the advantages of small size, large amount of information, high efficiency and low consumption, consistent experimental conditions and good comparability of results. This technique is not only suitable for tissue morphological observation, but also for immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization and other research.

Tissue microarrays (TMAs) of frozen tissuesFigure 1. Tissue microarrays (TMAs) of frozen tissues (Simon R, et al. 2018).

Tissue Microarray Imaging Analysis

The tissue microarray can perform high-throughput imaging analysis on a large number of tissue samples collected and archived using paraffin blocks or formalin. Different tissue samples from different tissue blocks are punched and repositioned on a new paraffin block for studying histological samples from tissues infected with cancer, tumors or other similar diseases. By containing all the information on a glass slide, the tissue microarray makes the analysis of these histological samples easy.

The tissue microarray can study tissue specimens of hundreds of patients at the same time. CD BioSciences scans the tissue microarray through a digital imaging system, which can generate a large number of high-resolution images, and obtain the patient's biomarker expression and cell viability through image analysis.

Tissue Microarray Imaging Analysis Workflow

The following is the general workflow of tissue microarray imaging analysis:

Sample embedding in paraffin

Sample embedding in paraffin

Step 1
Tissue removal point (HE staining)

Tissue removal point (HE staining)

Step 2
TMA prepared

TMA prepared

Step 3


Step 4
Image Analysis

Image analysis

Step 5


Paraffin tissue sample
Various prepared TMA
High-throughput analysis data

TMA scanned image
TMA stained with HE
Other relevant data

Our Advantages

  • Keep the experiment consistent
  • Better use of tissue samples
  • High-throughput analysis
  • Reduce the cost of immunohistochemistry research
  • Experienced scientists provide experimental consultation

CD BioSciences has professional technicians who are good at preparing various tissues through FFPE, freezing (OCT) and plastic embedding methods. We can provide you with services such as frozen tissue sectioning, tissue embedding, tissue microarray, tissue microarray scanning and imaging. We can also perform image analysis according to your needs to help with basic research, tumor prognosis and drug discovery. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

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