Single-Virus Imaging Tracking Services

Single-Virus Imaging Tracking Services

Viruses are a variety of pathogens whose main task is to infect host cells and reproduce within them to produce offspring viruses. Virus infection of host cells is a complex process and can cause viral diseases. The outbreak of viral diseases not only poses a major threat to human health, but also causes huge losses to social economy. Therefore, imaging studies of the mechanisms of viral infection of cells are critical for preventing the spread and treatment of viral diseases.

Single-Virus TrackingFigure 1. Single-Virus Tracking (Liu S L, et al. 2020).

Single-Virus Imaging Tracking

Early researchers used biochemical experiments and transmission electron microscopy to study the mechanisms by which viruses infect host cells. However, transmission electron microscopy can only acquire static images when studying the viral infection pathway. In vitro biochemical experiments require overall measurements of samples isolated from organisms and then inferring the effects. While conventional methods cannot obtain dynamic information about individual viruses during the infection process, single virus tracking technology, allows researchers to directly observe the infection process in living cells, thus revealing the mechanisms of virus infection and proliferation.

CD BioSciences is a biotechnology company, which has been committed to the development of fluorescent dyes and imaging technology for many years. We can use single virus tracking techniques to directly observe virus dynamics in living cells to reveal the multiple complex infection mechanisms of various viruses. SVT is based on fluorescence imaging and is a valuable tool in virological research.

Single-Virus Imaging Tracking Workflow

The following are the specific steps of single-virus imaging tracking

Cell line culture

Cell line culture

Step 1
Preparation of fluorescent virus particles

Preparation of fluorescent virus particles

Step 2
Virus imaging tracking

Virus imaging tracking

Step 3
Data analysis

Data analysis

Step 4


Morphology of various viruses under the microscope
Number of viruses per cell at different time points
Viral internalization percentage
Dynamic localization of viruses in living cells
Others data that you need

Our Advantages

  • Direct observation of the dynamic process of viral infection in living cells
  • Viruses are handled independently, avoiding overall averaging
  • Provides imaging analysis solutions for different viruses
  • Experienced scientists provide experimental consultation
  • Reasonable price and short turnaround time

CD BioSciences has a professional team and advanced imaging equipment. The entire process of single-virus imaging tracking is operated by experienced technicians to ensure the accuracy of the experiment. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.  

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