Immune Cell Activation & Proliferation Imaging Services

Immune Cell Activation & Proliferation Imaging Services

Immune cell imaging allows the study of the complex processes of immune system activation and regulation. Deep understanding the process of activation, proliferation and regulation of immune cells can help in the development of innovative anti-tumor immunotherapies. Currently, several therapies are in clinical trials, including CAR-T cell therapies and vaccines.

Services Overview

CD BioSciences utilizes immune cell imaging to assess the effects of therapies on immune cells, understand how immune cells activate and modulate immune responses, obtaining critical information about the location, number, distribution and interactions of immune cells.

Immune Cell Activation and Proliferation Imaging Services

Immune Cell Activation & Proliferation Imaging Services Contents

CD BioSciences utilizes automated imaging technology platforms to visualize and quantify immune cell interactions and proliferation in real time. Our service allows observations during cell culture without extracting or labeling cells, which can reveal the mechanisms of immune cell activation, proliferation and regulation. Our imaging services include, but are not limited to the following:

Continuous imaging of immune cells with different growth morphologies

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis of immune cells with different growth morphologies.
  • Providing clients with comprehensive data on the dynamic process of immune cells.

Image-based qualitative morphological studies and quantitative detection

  • Evaluate immune cell responses to different stimuli with qualitative morphology studies.
  • Quantitative analysis to assess immune cell health, proliferation status and long-term activity.

Assessment of immune cell aggregation and proliferation kinetics

  • Help clients understand the impact of drug treatments on immune cell activation and proliferation dynamics.
  • Obtain information on the effectiveness of therapeutic strategies for drugs and related compounds.

Evaluation of therapeutic strategies on immune cell activity

  • Evaluate the impact of different treatment strategies on immune cell activity through live cell imaging technology.
  • Provide data support for drug discovery and optimization of treatment options.

Immune Cell Activation & Proliferation Imaging Workflow

Experiment Plan

Step 1

Experiment Plan

Design the experiment, considering the instruments and reagents needed for each step.

Cell culture and treatment

Step 2

Cell culture and treatment

According to the experimental plan, culture the required immune cells and treatment the cells to induce cell activation and proliferation.

Sample preparation

Step 3

Sample preparation

Place the treated cells into suitable culture dishes or plates according to the experimental requirements.

Image capture

Step 4

Image capture

Capture immune cell images in real time at regular intervals through the imaging device.

Data analysis

Step 5

Data analysis

Quantitative analysis of the captured image data using the image analysis software.

Our Advantages

  • Observe the growth and proliferation process of immune cells in real time, capturing dynamic changes and quantifying the imaging data through automated analysis algorithms to provide customers with accurate and visualized results.
  • Allow access to continuous data to understand changes in cell status at different time points, providing a more comprehensive assessment.
  • Label-free kinetic measurements without any labeling of the cells or introduction of external substances, avoiding the interference of markers on cell function and ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results.

CD BioSciences provides professional immune cell activation and proliferation imaging services that can support validation of anti-tumor activity of immuno-oncology (IO) drugs. We also provide commercial assay kits for and customized solutions to meet the needs of R&D projects. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us.

*If your organization requires the signing of a confidentiality agreement, please contact us by email.

Please note: Our services can only be used for research purposes. Do not use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures!

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